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Give yourself or your child that extra edge!

There is plenty of wrestling information out there that can bring your game up to par! there’s plenty of useful information you can use such as books, instructionals, courses and blogs that can really give you or your child that edge they may need. For this important reason i have added this page to give you a selection of these products from a number of different sources! all in one easily accessible place!

Although i have not personally used all of these products i have selected what i think are the best products from reading reviews and talking to my wrestling friends and coaches. have a browse and see if there is anything that you think will help you or your child on your wrestling journey!

All of the products provided below are all affiliate products, although I do not have to divulge this information i want you guys to be aware of this! thank you and enjoy!

Wrestling for Beginners (Book): This a great starting book for beginners, the reviews I have read have been rated this product at 5 stars and have boasted that this book builds a great foundation for someone wanting to start wrestling, its great for kids as it does exactly what it says in the title and sticks to the basics! also good for advanced wrestlers wanting to perfect their bread and butter techniques!

Ahead of the Game: how to use your mind to win in sport (book):  As a Wrestler and Martial Artist myself i would recommend products on NLP, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)  to anyone, this next book, I have personally read my self and continually pick it back up and read the parts i need prior to competing. it really gets my mind in the right place and makes me feel that little bit more prepared than the other competitors. if you check the reviews you will see that they are predominantly rated at 4/5 stars and this is for good cause. as it says on the front page, Jeremy Lazarus provides a practical guide for coaches, athletes and players of all levels (couldn’t of said it better myself!). its very well organised, I have frequently used the contents page to jump to relevant information quickly, and this book really does cater to everyone:

  • Coaches: has sections on Language to use when preparing competitors, mental skills, advanced coaching tools and tips, and dealing with set backs.
  • Wrestlers: invaluable information on being in THE right state, winning goals, mindset, and changing limiting beliefs.
  • Psychology: if your just interested in the inner workings of the mind in relation to sport the books contains sections on, mindsets, beliefs, communication models, the language of the mind, and gaining perspectives.

As you can see this book covers a lot of useful material and can be applied not only to all sporting pursuits but also life in general, something i can vouch for as i have walked the walk with some of the techniques and ideas covered in this well written, super useful book.

Eat,Sleep, Wrestling: This product i’m adding is just for fun and i like it! its a wrestling T-shirt for kids – Eat, Sleep, Wrestling! a fun little product for any wrestling child that wants to show off that they do the coolest sport in the world, Wrestling! cheap, cheerful, fun – check it out!

  • printed by pride and glory
  • machine washable
  • short sleeve and 100% cotton
  • sizes small – XL

Massive thanks for supporting us at kidswrestling.org! there will be frequent additions reviewing products that we think are of the greatest use and interest to our readers in the future so keep an eye out! #keepwrestling

kid wrestling fun

kids wrestling games

All of these wrestling games I’m about to show you are specifically formulated to promote learning without children even being aware! This is because they will be pre-occupied having too much damn fun!

Warm up games: Purposeful play

• Sprawl Ball: for this game you will need 1 small exercise ball. Get the children to stand in a circle, give a quick demonstration on how to sprawl onto the ball and then let the children roll the ball to each other within the circle. This can be a good, fun and quick exercise to help the children get those muscles warm! Most importantly, the movement of dropping onto the ball is sub-consciously teaching the children the sprawl technique, one of the most important, fundamental techniques every wrestler needs to know!

What this develops: sprawl technique, co-ordination, boosts athletic confidence.

• Par terre madness: for this game the children will split up into partners, they will be in the par terre position, (child 1 on all fours, child 2 has both hands flat on child 1’s back.) On your whistle, the child 1 is to move as fast as he can around the room on all fours attempting to lose child 2, while child 2 has to try and keep their position. Ensure the children this is a non collision game! Like all our games this exercise again teaches the children a technique and a fundamental principle sub-consciously while having fun!

What this develops: friendly competitiveness, agility, speed.

• Leg tunnels: for this game the children need to be in groups of 3 or 4 (more suitable for bigger class’s.) Encourage the kids to run around in their groups with one leader, when the leader drops and does a forward roll, the group are to line up and open their legs. Then in order the children turn one by one and go through the leg tunnel. The final child to clear the tunnel is now the leader.

What this develops: team work, agility, co-operation.

there will be knowledge posts about, warm ups, games, drills, coaching techniques added frequently on our website, although these will be supplied in chunks as to not overload you with too much information at once! In the mean time check out this affiliate partner of ours Click Here! they are offering a great strength and conditioning instructional to really improve all aspects of your wrestling game! Great for MMA practitioners, wrestlers and coaches!